Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: Your Daddy Was Just Like You by Kelly Bennett

It's pretty hard to believe, but according to this little boy?s grandma, his daddy was just like him once. Most of the time he was a sweet boy, but sometimes he raised a ruckus. He liked playing race car and superhero, and got mad when he lost a game, and never wanted to take a bath. And once upon a time, he?Daddy!?was even sent to time-out. Kids love to hear stories about their parents as children and this funny and loving ode to little boys and the dads they grow up to become is guaranteed to delight three generations at once.

K picked this book up from our public library.

I felt as though K could have really related to this book more than the other book Your Mommy was just like you. As the things in this book that the daddy use to do, is more boyish I would say.
Now I had the same problem in this book as I did the other one. For K it was confusing as it is told from the grandfather's point of view of what his son did when he was little. 
I think this is a great read to read to the kids. I would think fathers would have a great time reading this to their sons.

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  1. Yeah Autumn! Thanks for reading--and sharing--YOUR DADDY WAS JUST LIKE YOU. Here's a link to the Utube of my author read aloud posted by Ink In Motion for Father's Day: http://youtu.be/meFTswc9Xgg