Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: Buzz Boy And Fly Guy (Fly Guy #9) by Tedd Arnold

The excitement is jam packed in Fly Guy's newest episode which features a comic book within the story. Buzz and Fly Guy are superheroes The dynamic duo must battle a fiery dragon and a band of pirates. Will Fly Guy and Buzz Boy defeat their enemies and save their home? Find out in this ama-zzzing early chapter book.

We picked this book up from K's school library.

K and I both really enjoyed the super hero's Buzz Boy and Fly Guy. You get a grand of dragons and pirates and what Buzz Boy and Fly Guy do to get away. The pictures are great with the story and there seem to be more of them in this book than the other Fly Guy books which I thought was really good. Great for those that are learning to read. 

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