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Review: Brainstorming It's Raining Ideas! By Terri Kelley

17366870Brainstorming: It's Raining Ideas! is the second book in the Writing is a Process series and the first true step of any writing process. This book which is written in lyrical rhyme tells the story of a little boy who wants to write a story about his day in the park with his best friend. He encounters difficulty in where to begin with his story so his teacher tells him to use the writing process by brainstorming. Through beautiful illustrations by the talented artist, Milena Radeva, students will be engaged and they will be informed with the wonderful story as well. Once your students hear the writing process explained by Terri Kelley's stories, writing should become more enjoyable and much easier for them.

Review: A Message from God by Terri Kelley

A Message from GodChildren, like adults, sometimes questions the strength of their Faith. The young boy in this story wonders if he prays like everyone else does; he also wonders if God really listens to his prayers. This is a wonderful story to share with the children in your life.

Review: Allosaurus by Susan H. Gray

8295291Long ago, a once-mighty Allosaurus stalked the land searching for helpless prey for dinner, too sick to battle stronger dinosaurs. Millions of years later, scientists discovered the bones of this 'different lizard' in Wyoming and named him Big Al. Read how Big Al helped them learn more about Allosaurus and its days on Earth.

Review: Velociraptor by Susan H. Gray

8295285While Velociprator means 'quick thief, ' did this small dinosaur actually steal its food? Find the answer to this and other questions in this fascinating book

Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Marine Life 4-pack by Kay De Silva

18952458SAVE $ 5.00 with this SPECIAL BOOK BUNDLE - A Wonderful Gift for a Child!
The “Marine Life 4-Pack” comprises Kay de Silva’s four marine life bestsellers in one pack. These include: “Whales”, “Dolphins”, “Sharks” and “Turtles”. The books use captivating illustrations and carefully chosen words to teach children about sea animals.

This series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle. The description in the large text beneath is simple enough for early readers or for a parent to guide a child through.
There are also a picture captions, which provides more information to talk about with your child. Alternatively, a child of any age (even the child in you) can just look at the images and appreciate its beauty.
This book depicts the wonder of marine life in all its glory. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of these beautiful creatures: their anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

I enjoyed compiling these books. I even learned a few things along the way. Perhaps you will too.
SAVE $ 5.00 with this book bundle at this SPECIAL PRICE exclusive to the Amazon Store.
*** Your child will love it - this is guaranteed.***

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: The Do's and Don'ts by Hayley Rose

The Do's and Don'ts is a whimsical lesson book aimed at teaching young readers the difference between good and bad behavior/etiquette. In the book Zack and Chloe go from being manner monsters to well-behaved children as they provide samples of typical scenarios that not only young children encounter but can relate to. For example, Zack becomes a Manner Monster when he loses a game, kicking and pouting like a poor sport. In contract, good behavior is then modeled depicting Zack congratulating the winning team. Unlike other etiquette books for children that tell a story or just communicate positive behavior, The Do's and Don'ts compares and contrasts between good and bad behavior. Simply, yet colorfully displayed, are examples of inappropriate behavior and decisions young children may display followed by behavior and decisions that are more socially accepted. Each compare and contrast anecdote is set in the same scene so that young readers can instantly see the differences between good and poor behavior.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Bats by Deutsche Don Juan

20936743Bats Beautiful Pictures & Interesting Facts Children Book About Bats

Bats and humans both belong to a group of animals called mammals. Mammals have special characteristics that make them different from other animals like birds or fish. For example, mammals have hair instead of feathers or scales. Mammal mothers also have milk in their bodies to feed their babies.

Bats may not look like us, but they have body parts that are similar to ours and they care for their babies just as much. That’s why we’re both mammals. Next time you see a bat, you can say, “Hi, fellow mammal!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog Tour Review and GIVEAWAY: Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story

Good Night Animal World Blog Tour - Button Final


Good Night Animal World by Giselle ShardlowTitle: Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story
Author: Giselle Shardlow
Illustrator: Emily Gedzyk
Publication Date: September 20, 2013
Publisher: Company: Kids Yoga Stories LLC 
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: 2.5 to 6 years
 Summary: Say good night to the animals of the world! Calm your mind and body before bedtime by taking a journey around the world with this kids yoga storybook. Join six Kids Yoga Stories characters as you perch like a bald eagle, crouch like a tiger, and curl up like a sloth. The book includes a list of Kids Yoga Poses and a Parent Guide with tips on creating a successful bedtime experience. Learn something new, explore movement, and unwind together before bedtime!    

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Blast and GIVEAWAY: Diego's Dragon Book 1 Spirits of the Sun) by Kevin Gerard

Diego's Dragon Book 1 Spirits of the Sun by Kevin Gerard

Title: Diego's Dragon, Book 1: Spirits of the Sun 
Author: Kevin Gerard 
Publication Date: September 30, 2011 
Publisher: Crying Cougar Press
 Pages: 186 
Recommended Ages: 8+ 
Summary: An eleven-year-old Latino boy wins a district-wide writing contest for sixth graders. When an author visits his school to award his prize, Diego Ramirez has no idea how much his life is about to change. Nathan Sullivan hands Diego his statue, a handsome, glistening black dragon. He shakes his hand and leaves him to his friends. The students crowd around Diego, asking for permission to hold it. After hearing the name Magnifico spoken aloud by family and friends, Diego awards it to his new dragon. If he only knew how fitting the name was, he might have known what lay ahead. Magnifico is the leader of the Sol Dragones, dragons that live within the magical fires of the sun. Nathan Sullivan is the earth's connection to the mysterious creatures. It is his task to find Magnifico’s guide. As Magnifico comes to life he becomes quite mischievous, playing tricks on Diego to embarrass him. As he discovers his bloodline, however, Diego assumes greater control over his dragon and his destiny. In the climactic journey, he frees his people and suffers a terrible loss by guiding Magnifico to their goal.  


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The Buzz

"Every book by this author is amazing. My son, who is very picky has bought every book. He has read them without putting them down and even asked me to organize having Kevin come to his school. Kevin, the Author is a person doing what he loves to do and it shows in his work and his interactions with the kids. You will not regret your purchase!" ~ 5 Star Review, Adina F., Amazon
"My 4th grade daughter is obsessed with dragon books. When I discovered Diego's Dragon, I jumped at it--and now Kevin Gerard is her new favorite author! For a voracious reader like my daughter, that is the highest of compliments, especially considering her love for Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats series. Her enthusiastic commentary about book one, and her pleading for book 2, had me eager to read it for myself. All I can say is . . . my daughter was right. For any fans of middle grade adventure or fantasy or dragons or boy books or epic awesomeness, this is the perfect story." ~ 5 Star Review, S. O'Donnell, Amazon
"Kids who like dragon stories will love this adventure series. Those who liked Harry Potter, kids and adults, will like this series. I truly believe the Diego’s Dragon series will have readers anticipating new releases and then devouring the books immediately upon release. Spirits of the Sun is a great book for boys, and girls—and adults. Without gushing too much, I believe Spirits of the Sun is one of the best books I have read. If the series holds up, I will be its number one fan, though many others will claim that title. Kids, get this book." ~ 5 Star Review, Sue M., Amazon

About the Author: Kevin Gerard

Kevin Gerard Kevin Gerard lives in San Diego, California, with two feline friends, Jesse the WonderCat and Little Man. When not writing or teaching statistics at Cal State San Marcos, he enjoys walking the grounds at the San Diego Zoo, hitting the waves at Cardiff State Beach, and hanging with his brother, nieces and nephews at the local Pizza Port. He also enjoys playing Halo on the internet; look for him in the rocket games as one of the characters from Diego’s Dragon or Conor and the Crossworlds.

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Blog Tour: Bargad by Subhash Kommuru

Title: Bargad
Author: Subhash Kommuru
Illustrator: Sujata Kommuru
Published: December 4th, 2013
Publisher: Kommuru Books
Word Count: 2,000
Genre: Children’s Book
A tree that has used its branches to keep people safe for many decades now needs help from those same people to save itself. In Hindi, Bargad means Banyan Tree, the national tree of India. Bargad is a compelling story of love, compassion and gratitude that incorporates the Banyan tree as a way to teach children how to care for and respect many things - from family to the environment, in a way that is easy-to-understand. While this wonderful old tree has withstood all the challenges of time, will it now be able to withstand modernization and will any of the people in the small village come to its aid to help save it the way it has helped save them over generations?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review: Monkey Me and the Pet Show


When Clyde gets excited, he brings a whole new meaning to "monkeying around!"
This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!
Clyde is an energetic student who just can't sit still. When he gets too excited, he transforms into a real monkey! When the class bully challenges Clyde's "monkey me" to the pet talent show, he has no choice but to participate. But when the other pets start to disappear, Clyde uses his inner monkey to save the day.