Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: Max, the boy who didn't believe in Santa Claus by Lou Silluzio

25712324Title: Max, The boy who didn't believe in Santa Claus
Author: Lou Silluzio
Publisher: Domjaf Media
Published: March 30, 2015
Pages: 30
Genre: Children ages 5 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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It’s Christmas Eve and young Max is having trouble believing Santa can deliver so many presents in one night. Is Santa Claus real? He resolves to stay up and catch the giver of presents, even though his brothers try to talk him out of it.
What happens when the boys wake Christmas morning? Did Max catch Santa? Have presents been delivered? Is the magic of Santa as real as Max’s parents say it is?

Spotlight Post: General Falconius Fox and the Roman Invasion of Britain by: Andrew Lauder

Title: General Falconius Fox and the Roman Invasion of Britain
Author: Andrew Lauder
Publisher: Self
Published: Sept. 4, 2015
Pages: 40
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This series of historically based children's books is written in beautiful English, follows much of the Uk school history curriculum and is full of exciting and evocative scenes at key moments of British history, with the amazing Foxes of Foxwood as the star characters. Sir Foxley -Fox is a great story teller and The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood series is all about generations of his family of foxes who have all played a leading role in great moments of British history, dating back to Julius Caesar. Both parents and grandparents will discover amusing, adult orientated nuggets hidden in each book - (hence the tales are for ages 8-108!)- and there are wonderful coloured illustrations by prize -winning artist Dan Ungureanu. Falconius Fox is a bright young fox living in Rome, with a liking for Roman chickens. When he is caught stealing from a farm belonging to Julius Caesar, his only way to avoid a brutal death is to convince all the other foxes around Rome, NOT to steal the Romans' chickens. Julius Caesar is so impressed that Falconius is witty, speaks several languages and is a very quick thinker, he is invited to invade Britain with Caesar ......

Book 1: General Falconius Fox and the Roman Invasion of Britain' Available to buy from 30th September 2015
“It was a typical English, autumnal day in Foxwood, with a thick mist covering all the trees and bushes and droplets of water dripping lazily down from the uppermost branches and plopping onto the smaller bushes below. The mist was so thick that even the old oak tree, that had stood in that wood for many generations, could only be seen from a few metres away.”
Narrated by the brave and wonderful Sir Foxley-Fox, 'The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood' series describes monumental moments in history through the eyes and experiences of Sir Foxley-Fox's ancestors.
We begin with 'General Falconius Fox and the Roman Invasion of Britain' available to buy now.
Descriptive and entertaining, author Andrew Lauder has poured his love of history and languages into his stories. The series sees us leap from the Roman Empire to the Battle of Trafalgar to Raleigh and Drake and 1066, with each story supported by the exquisite illustrations of Dan Ungureanu - the 2015 V&A Student Illustration Award runner-up, who was also recently awarded an MA from the Cambridge School of Art.
With enough joy and affection in each book to warm hearts on a cold night and a fair share of bloody battles and suspense to captivate the wriggliest of readers 'The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood' series is sure to entertain everyone from the ages of 8 to 108. But be warned, they may become addictive.

Andrew Lauder

From an early age Andrew Lauder always enjoyed acting, writing poetry and stories and was lucky enough to go to Christ’s College at Cambridge University, where he studied French and German both of which he speaks fluently.
His career began in export and was fortunate enough to have had adventures in over 70 countries. For the last 20 years of his business life, he turned companies around from loss to profit, as Managing Director, including Waddington Games.
He now lives in Cyprus with his wife where he is retired. It was after a life-threatening accident just 10 months ago that he realised he wanted to do something for future generations, having been given an extra chance.
His favourite books are the Wind in the Willows and the Jungle Book “so it was only a short step before Sir Foxley-Fox became a real character in my mind” he says.
On writing his stories, Andrew adds: "My aim in writing what will be a series of historically based books, is to show everyone from 8 - 108 how much fun history can be and through exciting descriptive scenes, show them the beauty of the English language, all tied in with larger than life foxy characters who have been responsible for great moments in British history!"

Dan Ungureanu - Illustrator

Dan was born in Romania and at an early age preferred colour pencils to any toy. The only thing he ever wanted to do was to draw.
Dan was recently awarded an M.A. in children’s book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art and was the student runner-up for the Victoria & Albert Illustration Award in 2015.
“I love history, so when Andrew asked me to do the illustrations for 'The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood' series, it all came easily, thanks to great character and the scenic descriptions from Andrew and to the likeable nature of the foxes in his story – I just love them and I hope that this is apparent in my illustrations. I can’t wait to get started on his next book, 'First Officer Fox and the Battle of Trafalgar'.

'General Falconius Fox and the Roman Invasion of Britain' is available to buy from 30th September from Amazon

Monday, October 26, 2015

Blog Tour Review and GIVEAWAY: Adventures Around the Globe: Packed Full of Maps, Activities and Over 250 Stickers by Lonely Planet Kids

Title: Adventures Around the Globe: Packed Full of Maps, Activities and Over 250 Stickers
Author: Lonely Planet Kids
Published: Oct. 1, 2015
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Pages: 60
Genre: Children ages 5 on up
Review: Paperback Provided by author to give an honest review
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk

This special edition in our beautiful "Adventures In" sticker book series takes young readers aged 3 and up on a non-stop tour of the continents, adding fun and humour along the way. Find out fun facts, decorate sticker scenes, add colour and patterns to some iconic sights, and solve puzzles as you travel across the world. There's also a fold-out surprise - a 3D model of the globe to make, decorate and track your globe-trotting adventure. Perfect for keeping young entertained while on the road.
Authors: Lonely Planet Kids
About Lonely Planet Kids: From the world's leading travel publisher comes Lonely Planet Kids, a children's imprint that brings the world to life for young explorers everywhere. We're kick-starting the travel bug and showing kids just how amazing our planet is. Our mission is to inspire and delight curious kids, showing them the rich diversity of people, places and cultures that surrounds us. We pledge to share our enthusiasm and continual fascination for what it is that makes the world we live in the magnificent place it is. A big adventure awaits! Come explore.
Award-winning children's titles from Lonely Planet include The Amazing World Atlas (Independent Publisher Award, Gold for Juvenile Multicultural Non-fiction, 2015), How to Be a Space Explorer(Independent Publisher Award, Silver for Juvenile Non-fiction, 2015), Not For Parents The Travel Book, Not For Parents Paris, Not For Parents London, Not For Parents New York City, and Not For Parents Rome (all Parent Tested Parent Approved winners, 2012).
Lonely Planet guides have won the TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review: Hockey Agony by Donna M. McDine

17995246Title: Hockey Agony
Author: Donna M. McDine
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Published: Sept. 12, 2014
Pages: 20
Genre: Children ages 8 on up
Review: ebook provided by Pump Up Your Book
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk

Peer Pressure and Honesty many times go hand-in-hand. What is Larry to do when his teammate asks him to cheat when he is given the responsibility to run the clock during the big hockey game? Outwardly, it may seem he will follow suit, but his conscious tells him otherwise at the moment of truth. Suggested age range for readers: 8-12

Review Blitz: Mike and the Dog-Gone Labradoodle (The Pet Shop Society #1) by Emlyn Chand

25946533Title: Mike and the Dog-Gone Labradoodle (The Pet Shop Society #1)
Author: Emlyn Chand
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Published: Sept. 28, 2015
Pages: 43
Genre:Children ages 7 on  up
Review: ebook provided by Mother Daughter Book Reviews
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk 

Mike Adams has always been a pretty average kid. He hates homework, loves sports, and spends a lot of his day bugging his twin sister Maddie—because, after all, she deserves it.
But one day, everything changes. Nic Chang’s dog goes missing.
Mike, his sister and their two best friends join forces to search for the truth and, with it, the missing pet. Will Mike and Maddie find a way to put their differences aside and save the day? And just where did that dog-gone labradoodle go?
Put your thinking caps on and prepare to find the answers in the premier installment of The Pet Shop Society, a brand new mystery series for readers aged 7-11.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

NetGalley Review: The Fall by James Preller

21936978Title: The Fall
Author: James Preller
Published: Sept. 22, 2015
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Publishing Group Feiwel & Friends
Pages: 208
Genre: Teens/middle grade
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and author
Buy Links: AmazonAmazon.uk

Through his journal a boy deals with the death of a classmate, who committed suicide as a result of bullying.
The summer before school starts, Sam's friend and classmate Morgan Mallen kills herself. Morgan had been bullied. Maybe she kissed the wrong boy. Or said the wrong thing. What about that selfie that made the rounds? Morgan was this, and Morgan was that. But who really knows what happened?
As Sam explores the events leading up to the tragedy, he must face a difficult and life-changing question: Why did he keep his friendship with Morgan a secret? And could he have done something—anything—to prevent her final actions?
As he did in Bystander, James Preller takes an issue that faces every student and school in the country, and makes it personal, accessible, and real.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Come with Me on Halloween by Linda Hoffman Kimball

Title: Come With Me on Halloween
Author: Linda Hoffman Kimball
Published: Sept. 30, 2005
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Pages: 32
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
Review: library book
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk 

It's Halloween and time for tricks, treats, and haunted house parties. One trick-or-treater is a bit scared, but has a faithful companion to show the way and ease any fears. But our frightened trick-or-treater isn't little. It's Dad!

Book Review and Author Interview: The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - A Journey Begins by Brooks Olbrys

Title: Blue Ocean Bob A Journey Begins
Author: Brooks Olbrys
Publisher: Children's Success Unlimited
Published: March 12, 2013
Pages: 56
Genre: Children ages 7 on up
Review: Hardback provided by author
Buy links: Amazon, Amazon.uk

Despite his idyllic island life, young Bob yearns for a greater sense of fulfillment. With his guardian, Xena the hummingbird, at his side, Bob sets out to seek guidance from the wise and happy creatures of the sea.
From the joyful secrets of Al the dolphin to the insightful advice of Doc the turtle, Earl the clam and Wallace the walrus, Bob uncovers great wisdom. But to complete his journey, he’ll need to overcome his fears - and Xena’s doubts - and prove himself to Mary Marine, the Island of Roses’s leading marine biologist.
For readers 6 to 8, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Journey Beginsis the first episode of a colorful, early chapter book series that provides children with an invaluable introduction to timeless principles of achievement.

NetGalley Review: Who's Afraid of the Ghost Train? by Frank Rodgers

Title: Who's Afraid of the Ghost Train
Author: Frank Rodgers
Publisher: Hungry Horse
Published: Aug. 7, 2015
Pages: 32
Genre: Children ages 5 on up
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and publisher
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk

Frank Rodgers offers an amusing way to cope with fears, as Robert learns how to use his big imagination to make things on the dreaded ghost train carnival ride appear just a little less scary.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: The Ghastly McNastys: Raiders of the Lost Shark (The Ghastly McNastys ) by Lyn Gardner

Title: The Ghastly McNastys: Raiders of the Lost Shark
Author: Lyn Gardner
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Published: Aug. 1, 2015
Pages: 148
Genre: Children ages 7-10
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and publisher
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk

Shiver me timbers – the Ghastly McNastys are back!
The McNastys are after Captain Syd’s treasure, rumoured to be buried in Little Snoring Castle. And they’re in luck – a pirate movie’s being shot there. They reckon they’ll easily be able to sneak into the castle, blend in with the cast and steal all the treasure.
But youngsters Tat and Hetty have outwitted the dastardly duo before,
and have plans to trap them once and for all.
The disgusting McNastys and their vile antics will have children squirming, and squealing with laughter from beginning to end!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review: My Hometown by Russell Griesmer

Title: My Hometown
Author: Russell Griesmer
Published: Oct. 1, 2015
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers
Pages: 40
Genre: Children ages 6-9
Review: ebook provided by the publisher and NetGalley

Every town has a story. Experience small-town life and American history with this nearly wordless picture book. A magical newspaper takes a young boy on a journey through the history of a beloved hometown, from the 1860s to present day. Striking illustrations celebrate main-street Americana as the boy discovers the past and its importance.