Monday, January 30, 2017

Review: Theft at the Fair and Other Stories (It's a Mystery) by Gita V. Reddy

18498493Title: Theft at the Fair and Other Stories (It's a Mystery)
Author: Gita V. Reddy
Published: Jan. 20, 2014
Pages: 60
Genre: Children ages 10 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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Age Group: 9-12
'The Theft and Other Stories', starts a new series, ' 'IT's A MYSTERY! As the name suggests, the books in this series will have short stories based on mysterious happening and of course, brilliant solutions.
This book has four stories.

Hitesh: Case 1 : The burglary has everyone puzzled. Hitesh, child prodigy, chess master, math whiz kid, says the thief came on a camel and used a ladder. The police Inspector finds this hard to believe but such is everyone faith in Hitesh that the inspector decides to question a group of camel drivers. What if Hitesh is wrong?
Shanta Tai Jasoos: An advertisement appears in all leading newspapers for the sale of Mr.Sarma's house but he does not want to sell his house! Obviously, a gang of criminals wants his house desperately. Shanta Tai, their maid of twelve years and the children, Dev and Deepa, decide to do something.
Theft at the Fair: Chitra and her cousins go to the fair and little Aarti, their two year old cousin, follows them.
Chitra is the oldest and it becomes her responsibility to take care of the younger ones. She does too, by keeping them together and keeping Aarti close. The fair is crowded and there are many sights like the Well of Death, the Hall of Mirrors, etc.
They return home and it is found that Aarti is missing an ornament. When she had followed them, she was decked up in all traditional finery for a family function. Chitra blames herself and feels the others do too. She is determined to find the thief for which she revisits the fair and its dangers too!
The Mother Goddess: A motherless boy, Jeevan, spends most of his time in the temple of Mother Saraswathi. To him the goddess is his friend and mother. So he is naturally devastated when the idol disappears from the shrine.He finds a clue that leads to the idol being recovered before it is smuggled out of the country, to be sold as an antique.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Children's Review: Super-Duper Monty by Gita V. Reddy, Abira Das (Illustrator)

29918857Title: Super-Duper Monty
Author: Gita V. Reddy
Illustrator: Abira Das
Published: May 13, 2016
Pages: 37
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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Monty lives in a pond with his family and friends. He loves to hop, leap, and jump. Everyone calls him Leapfrog. One day, Monty takes a long leap and lands on the road, and into trouble.
Super-Duper Monty is a delightful book for kids. The story and the bright, colorful pictures will engage their attention, while gently giving valuable lessons about how they should treat other creatures, and the importance of natural habitat. The text is on the same page as the illustration, making it easy to read, and more enjoyable for kids.

Review: The Adventures of Zoe Flynn and Alex Everhart: The Disappearing River by David Mittan, Gail Mittan

33010764Title: The Adventures of Zoe Flynn and Alex Everhart The Disappearing River
Authors: David Mittan and Gail Mittan
Published: Oct. 1, 2016
Publisher: MakeThinkers
Pages: 81
Genre: Children ages 9 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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The MakeThinkers. Team - an MIT graduate with two children, and his mom, a highly experienced, elementary school teacher - created this adventure story with fun challenges to help your children unlock their natural creativity & powerful critical thinking skills.

Each chapter takes less than 15 minutes to complete. It's perfect for parents to read to their children at bedtime, or for older children to read on their own.

Zoe Flynn and Alex Everhart live on Harriet street, in a quiet town near NYC. They are best friends and enthusiastic adventurers. When they find a magnificent, golden colored wooden box in the attic, their lives change forever! Inside the box are the Enchanted Sweaks of Yellowfield which take them on a fantastic journey into hidden lands with magical creatures right here in our world!

Read ten exciting adventures and solve the fun challenges at the end of each chapter to help Zoe & Alex find the disappearing river!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review: Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing (The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba #3) by Roe DePinto

30847425Title: Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing
Author: Roe DePinto
Published: June 27, 2016
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Pages: 50
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
Review: Paperback given by author
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This third edition of the Zealy and Whubba first series spotlights on Zealy's ability to catch fish which is one of the most important facets of survival for any marine mammal. Eating fish is their lifesource. It is a skill that almost comes naturally to sea animals yet follows the process of a parent training their young, teaching them to grow and endure life's lessons. So, along with Whubba's help and her daddy's teaching, Zealy becomes a wonderful fisherman! Throughout this learning process, Zealy grows closer to Whubba, enjoying his sharing and caring and watchful eye, protecting Zealy as they play and have the greatest fun in the sun. Zealy loves every minute and looks forward to a new day with her sweetest friend, Whubba, when she can learn something else new in her brand new world of surprises! Enjoy these two precious characters and watch your little ones smile as they relate to the love and special caring that Zealy and Whubba portray in their everyday life- growing together, side by side. Follow their escapades through The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba, Series 1, with much more to come!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Spotlight and Review: Twisted True Tales from Science by Stephanie Bearce

28762534Series information:
Series Title: Twisted True Tales from Science
Books in series: Medical Mayhem, Disaster Discoveries, Insane Inventors, Explosive Experiments
Author: Stephanie Bearce
Release Date: February 1, 2017
Publisher: Prufrock Press

Did you know that Nikola Tesla invented a death ray gun and was also afraid of women who wore jewelry? How about the Chinese scientists from two-thousand years ago who were trying to create a medicine that would make them live forever but accidentally blew up their lab and discovered gun powder?

Find out more about the strange history of science in Twisted True Tales from Science, a new non-fiction series that introduces kids to some of the most twisted yet completely true stories from science. These books are perfect for the gross-but-true legends of the Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not! stories.

We received this book to give an honest review.
So K and I read this book within a week as we just read a few chapters a night.
There is a lot of neat information that we never knew before such as bloodletting, which George Washington died from. This lead K to be upset because he read that George Washington died another way and was serious that him dying of bloodletting could not be true, so this lead us to research and find the true answer. What we found was correct that he died of bloodletting as he was very sick. I really loved how K was into learning new things and wasn't in shock from the gross things that we read.
We learned about important people who played a huge role in science.
He laughed when he learned that people put feces in sores because you aren't suppose to do that.
Just seeing his eyes go wide when he learned that doctors cut into people's brains to cure them and the questions being asked. This is a book that I as a parent enjoyed reading to K because we both learned to much. There weren't any pictures minus just the ones that were at the start of each chapter. I think this book would be good for the older kids from 10 on up if they are interested in learning how we have evolved in science.

STEPHANIE BEARCE is a writer, teacher, and history detective. She loves tracking down spies and uncovering secret missions from the comfort of her library in St. Charles, Missouri. When she isn’t writing or teaching, Stephanie loves to travel the world and go on adventures with her husband, Darrell.
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