Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: Fly High, Fly Guy! (Fly Guy #5) by Tedd Arnold

The fifth book in an award-winning, easy-to-read series about a boy and his pet fly, each book in the series has a fun foil cover!
Mom and Dad won't let Fly Guy go along on the family road trip. They're afraid he'll get lost. But when Dad accidentally shuts him in the trunk, Fly Guy goes along for the ride!
First, Fly Guy gets lost at the picnic site--but he shows up in the garbage can. Then he gets lost at the art museum, but he shows up as part of a modern painting. At the beach, he turns up in a shell, and at he amusement park, on Buzz's hot dog (yuck!).
Zany illustrations and easy-to-read text make this a fun reading adventure for the beginner. The first book in the Fly Guy series is a Theodor Geisel honor book.

We picked this book up from K's school library.

Buzz and his family are going on a trip and Fly Guy is not suppose to come. The family gets to see all sorts of different things, but when they get lost who is there to save the day? That would be Fly Guy. This is an easy reader for those that are learning to read, not a lot of words per page. The illustrations are perfect and go with the story. 

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