Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: World's Dumbest Dinosaurs by Rupert Matthews

Learn about some of the potentially least intelligent dinosaurs to have roamed the Earth.

K picked this book up from his school library.
K loves dinosaurs and enjoys reading about them. So when he picked this book up I was like okay by pass the title and it should be a good book. Though it was a good book that gave some information about the different dinosaurs I felt as a parent that the author could have used another word to describe some of the dinosaurs. The author describes one dinosaur the Apatosaurus "may have been really dumb." He could have said maybe not as smart, not as intelligent but the word dumb being used to describe something sounds wrong on so many levels. The only reason this book is getting a 3 star rating and not a 2 star is because of the pictures, and the fact that the word dumb isn't used all of the time. 
Overall I would say I liked learning a bit more of to what the "scientist" think  on how dinosaurs used their brain. But like I said earlier the word dumb being used as a descriptive word need not be used. I think the title could be reworded as well. 

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