Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Blast and GIVEAWAY: Lobo's Howliday by C.L. Murphy

Lobo's Howliday by C.L. Murphy

Title: Lobo's Howliday (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo) Author: C.L. Murphy
Publication Date: Dec. 1, 2013
Publisher: Independent - Peanut Butter Prose
Number of pages: 32
Recommended age: 3+        


It's almost Christmas and Santa finds himself in quite the predicament due to unintended consequences as a result of trying something new. Lobo, and his raven sidekick, Roxy, travel to the North Pole to help the jolly ole' one and are guided by the Arctic animals. The colors of the season delight along the way and make for a howling good holiday. Can you howl Ho Ho Ho?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Blitz Review and Giveaway: The Colourblind Chameleon by Laura Kantor

The Colourful Chameleon by Laura Kantor and Sarah Ray

Title: The Colourblind Chameleon
Author: Laura Kantor
Illustrator: Sarah Ray
Publication Date: November 19, 2013
Publisher: Independent - Squidgy Face Books
Number of pages: 32
Recommended age: 2 to 7    


Once there was a very special chameleon... The Colourblind Chameleon is the debut title from up and coming author/illustrator duo Laura Kantor and Sarah Ray. This is a colourful and imaginative tale of a chameleon who doesn't fit in with the rest. He realises that it's not just good to be different... it's a lot more fun! Delight in the rhyming verses, vibrant colours and hilarious drawings as you are taken on a wonderful journey with a special little chameleon (wearing fabulous pants).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Blast: Tumbleweed Christmas by Beverly Stowe McClure Review and GIVEAWAY

Tumbleweed Christmas by Beverly Stowe McClure

Title: Tumbleweed Christmas
Author: Beverly Stowe McClure
Publication Date: July 20, 2013 (original pub. date - August 28, 2011)
Publisher: 4RV Publishing LLC
Number of pages: 24
Recommended age: 3+
Summary (Back Cover): Christmas is the time for miracles, but sometimes a child must make her own miracle and one for her siblings.  


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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: Shelby Loves Candy by RyAnn Adams Hall

This book tells the story of how Shelby absolutely loves candy! If mommy would let her, she would eat candy all day, every day! She would have to take good care of her teeth to eat all that candy! In the end, Shelby realizes that fruit is just as sweet as candy! It is a perfect little book for preschool age children!

Review: My Best Friend is A Fairy by M.M. Tornatore

Have you ever wished for a fairy best friend, of your very own? When Purplena rescues Alexis from the school bully, the girls instantly become great friends. But Alexis soon realizes that Purplena isn't like other girls... Neither are Belle and Daisy. Why do strange things keep happening when Purplena and her friends are around? How can Purplena keep Alexis from finding out the truth? Can a "real girl" and a "fairy" ever be best friends? When fantasy and reality collide... sparkles are sure to fly! The Adventures of Purplena & Friends - Book 1 - My Best Friend is a Fairy!

Review: A Mixed Up Christmas by L. Hollar

It's Christmas Eve and Santa Claus is sick. Dr. Yeti has ordered him to stay in bed, but what about Christmas? Who will deliver the presents to the children?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review: Billy and The Monster Who Loved to Fart

17335561Monster loves to Fart...and everyone blames Billy for it!
Will Monster make Billy the un-coolest kid at school? Will Monster cause an irreparable hole in the Ozone layer? Will Monster and Billy both learn how to behave properly in a social environment?
This book deals with friendship, doing things in moderation and behaving properly in social situations. This funny book for kids of all ages will be a delightful addition to your library.
Billy loves Monster and Monster loves Billy. They play together. They have a bath together.They even go to school together. There's just one thing that threatens to spoil their friendship.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Blitz The Shadow of the Unicorn The Legacy by Suzanne de Montigny and GIVEAWAY

About the Book

The Shadow of the UnicornTitle: The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy (The Shadow of the Unicorn, Book #1) Author: Suzanne de Montigny Publication Date: December 4, 2012 Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing Number of pages: 157 Recommended age: 9+    


A loud, hissing sound filled the air. The unicorns looked up, their eyes filled with horror. Azaria, a unicorn colt, is intrigued when the young clairvoyant dinosaur, Darius, foresees a terrifying change in the world. When a giant fireball smashes into the earth, the unicorns struggle to survive the hurricanes and starvation that follow. Danger of a more sinister nature threatens when the creatures-that-walk-on-two-legs settle in the valley and their leader, Ishmael, discovers the healing power of the unicorns’ horns. Azaria, now a young stallion, must use his wits to save the herd from complete extinction.
* #1 in the Animals in their World list on Goodreads Listopia *
* #1 in the Christmas Stocking Stuffers list on Goodreads Listopia *