Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag (Early Chapter Reader Books - Oh Susannah series) by Carole P. Roman


Title: Oh Susannah: It's in the bag
Author: Carole P. Roman
Illustrator: Mateya Arkova
Pages: 44
Genre: Children ages 7 on up
Review: paperback provided
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It all begins with homework trouble and an invitation to a sleepover that she doesn’t want to go to. Would you want to go to a sleepover in a creepy house? Rather than dealing with her problems, Susannah stuffs them into her backpack. But how much can a backpack take? Will she be able to confront her worries before the backpack bursts? Or will she just continue to hide them away?
Join Susannah and her friends in this story sure to charm busy young readers everywhere.

The Adventures of Bubba Jones (#2): Time Traveling Through Shenandoah National Park by Jeff Alt, Hannah Tuohy (Illustrations)


Title: The Adventures of Bubba Jones #2
Author: Jeff Alt
Illustrator: Hannah Tuohy 
Pages: 189
Genre: Middle Grade
Publisher: Beaufort Books
Published: Aug. 25, 2016
Review: Paperback received by author 
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After Inheriting legendary time travel skills from their Papa Lewis, Tommy "Bubba Jones," and his sister Jenny "Hug-a-Bug," embark on a Shenandoah National Park adventure to solve a family mystery.From the moment they reach the park entrance, the excitement begins.As they follow the clues, they travel back in time hundreds, thousands, and millions of years and come face to face with extinct creatures, endangered species, the areas first inhabitants, past presidents, former park residents, and some of the park founders.They travel deep down into mountain hollows, high up onto Talus mountain slopes, and discover more about the Shenandoah than they ever imagined.Explore the Shenandoah with Bubba Jones and family in a whole new way."

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Ruby Eye book 2 by L.G. Miles and Amy Miles


Title: The Ruby Eye (book 2)
Author: L.G. Miles and Amy Miles
Published: Sept. 11, 2017
Pages: 128
Genre: Children, ghost
Review: ebook provided by author
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A curse that will be broken.
A soul eager to be released.
A mystery unraveled.

When three young friends discover that the Trickster Ghost has found a way to break the curse, they must risk it all to keep him trapped or darkness will be unleashed on their unsuspecting town.

Join Tommy, Jack, and Becky in THE RUBY EYE.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

To Dream of Dancing by Z.W. Mohr and Aaron Damon Porter


Title: To Dream of Dancing
Author: Z.W. Mohr and Aaron Damon Porter
Published: Feb. 1, 2016
Publisher: Desdemona's Dreams LLC. 
Pages: 64
Review: Book received by author 
Genre: Children ages 10 on up
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11 year old Desdemona has grown up in a world where dreams are as real to her as the waking world is to everyone else. Raised by her two aunts, Lulu Ann and Lulu Bell, in an old Victorian house in the small town of Remsy, she goes on adventures with her guardian and confidant stuffed bear named Teddy. All of a sudden Desdemona’s dreams, that have always been very important to her, start invading the waking world and she is faced with the conundrum of why this is happening.
Upon awakening from a long night filled with a nightmare where her dream of dancing, personified by a ballerina, has been captured, Desdemona confides in Teddy and then has to make her way to Grayson Drab Elementary School. At school she’s treated as an outsider, more and more so with every passing year. The children around her have slowly stopped using their imaginations as much, and often don’t play any games that require them. Desdemona is ostracized for being considered a day dreamer and receives no solace on the playground or in the classroom with her strict teacher Ms. Kaputski. It’s in the classroom where she fades off again into the dream world and once again encounters The Maestro.

As she faces off against the mad Maestro, that has captured Desdemona’s dream of dancing, the grave importance of her task becomes very real. If her dream perishes as the Maestro’s slave then Desdemona will never want to dance again, and that isn’t something she’s about to let happen. The Maestro won’t give up Desdemona’s dream of dancing unless the song he’s creating is finished so he challenges Desdemona to help find a suitable ending to his masterpiece. This offer is given with the catch that Desdemona will have to be his slave as well if she doesn’t find the ending within the hour. When Desdemona wakes up back in class she realizes that she has pulled something out of the dream world with her. This astonishing discovery is overshadowed by the fact that she must finish the Maestro’s song.

After rushing out of the classroom and heading to the music room to use the instruments available to figure out an ending to the Maestro’s song, she runs into the music teacher Mr. Harrison. He’s one of the few characters at the school that Desdemona connects with because of how he relates dreamers to being the best music makers. After a short interaction with Mr. Harrison, Desdemona becomes painfully aware of how little time she has left to finish the Maestro’s song and rushes to try out different instruments that might help her find an ending. In the midst of running around the music room she inadvertently stumbles upon the one instrument that helps her finish the piece.

Desdemona returns to the Maestro’s lair and their final confrontation ends with her finishing his master piece and leaving the dream world with the dancer holding her hand. The story ends with her Aunts having a conversation about Desdemona’s triumph over the Maestro, even though it’s not unveiled as to how they could possibly know about this. What will happen next? Why can Desdemona pull things out of dreams? Who is she really? All of this will be unveiled in the volumes of Desdemona’s Dreams to come.

The Trickster by L.G. Miles, Amy Miles


Title: The Trickster
Author: L.G. Miles with Amy Miles
Published: Oct. 23, 2016
Publisher: Amy Miles Books, LLC.
Pages: 45
Genre: Children ages 8 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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A curse passed down through the ages.
A soul trapped in limbo.
A mystery to be solved.

When three young friends decide to sneak out and spend the night in an abandoned house rumored to be the haunting place of the Trickster ghost, they will soon get more excitement than they bargained for...

Dragon Wars by Emily Fogle


Title: Dragon Wars
Author: Emily Fogle
Published: March 2013
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Pages: 284
Genre: Fantasy, middle grade
Review: Paperback received by author
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Life is filled with changes, but sometimes even the most tragic events bring joy in the end, which is something Danny Warren learns when he joins the Dragon Wars.
Danny sadly loses his father in a hit-and-run auto accident and is forced to move to a different town. But his fresh start is a horrible one and Danny desperately wants to find a world he can belong to. One afternoon, after a particularly hard day at school, Danny finds a mysterious box hidden inside his window seat. He soon discovers that the box is his portal to Dorcian, the dragon world. Sadly, the once amazing world is in utter turmoil, and its inhabitants are suffering. Danny finds the one thing that can bring meaning and happiness back to his heart: saving those that desperately need his help. Together, one boy and six lone dragons, will defeat evil and wage the Dragon Wars.
And, in the midst of it all, Danny will discover that even the smallest person can make a huge difference when it matters the most.

Celebrate! The Holidays by Sophia Day

Title: Celebrate! The Holidays
Author: Sophia Day
Published: August 1, 2017
Publisher: MVP Kids Media
Pages: 32
Review: book received by author/publisher
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
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Join our MVP Kids® as they experience the wonder and delight of the winter holidays. With a universal spirit of giving, they celebrate holidays from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Come along and see how experiencing others traditions can deepen friendships and promote empathy and understanding. Hoping, dreaming, wishing, sharing,
laughing, loving, giving, caring.
With all our friends, in their own ways,
Let s celebrate the holidays!

Celebrate! Christmas by Sophia Day

Title: Celebrate! Christmas
Author: Sophia Day
Published: December 15, 2016
Publisher: MVP Kids Media
Pages: 26
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
Review: book received by author/publisher
Buy Link: Amazon 

Join our MVP Kids® in Celebrate! Christmas as they perform in their community's annual Christmas pageant! Celebrated around the world, Christmas is an integral part of the holiday season for families of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Through their playful sets and biblical script, our MVP Kids® teach us the central story to the Christian celebration of Christmas.
Behold, the angel Gabriel appeared to a virgin named Mary.
Do not be afraid, dear one. It s joyful news I carry!
You have found favor with God Most High and His promise of the Savior is true.
His plan of salvation will come in your time. The Christ Child will be born to you!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

NetGalley Review: Polar Bear Postman by Seigo Kijima


Title: Polar Bear Postman
Author: Seigo Kijima
Published: Nov. 1, 2017
Publisher: Museyon Inc
Pages: 32
Genre: Ages 5-7
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and publisher
Buy Links: Amazon, 

Milk is the polar bear postmaster of the forest. One day he receives a card that says “Please help!” It is from a red-crested crane couple whose chick has gone missing. Spring gives way to summer and Milk receives another post card—this time from a red-crested crane couple who live in another district telling him that they have been taking care of a lost crane chick and asking for help in finding its family. Milk is modeled on an actual polar bear living in the Kushiro Zoo in Hokkaido, who is so adept at walking erect on his two hind legs that visitors say he looks like a person in a bear suit. The bear is joined in this amusing story by a variety of animal species native to Hokkaido.