Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: Fly Guy and the Frankenfly

Buzz dreams about Frankenfly--but Fly Guy is a friend, not a monster!
In the latest installment of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Fly Guy series, Buzz and Fly Guy spend a day together playing some spooky games and doing arts and crafts projects. When Buzz goes to bed, Fly Guy stays awake and is "bizzie"! Buzz has a nightmare that a gigantic Frankenfly monster is out to get him! But when he wakes up, all he sees is Fly Guy, who fell asleep making posters showing that he and Buzz are best friends.
The wacky dream scene involving Frankenfly is fun and hilarious, not scary. Buzz awakens to a sweet message of friendship that is nothing to be afraid of.

We picked this book up from K's school library.
For me I would pick this book to read at Halloween to K. Being as it deals with Frankenfly being within the story. NO IT IS NOT SCARY. 
It is dark night and Buzz and Fly Guy make costumes together which I think it is pretty interesting to see what Fly Guy came up with. Quite funny to see the "scary" dream that Buzz ends up having that has to deal with Fly Guy.

Not only is this a good read, it is good for those that can read or maybe trying to read. There are not a lot of words on the pages so it should discourage the kiddos from trying to read this book themselves. The pictures are great to look at and funny to see Buzz's face when he meets Frankenfly.  

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