Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: Sharks For Kids by Lizzy Burbank

Some of the scariest animals in the world, but also some of the most fascinating.

Since the dawn of time, Sharks have captured our imaginations.
This book contains 24 of the most dangerous and fascinating Sharks, including an exciting picture and a detailed description of each shark.

Me and K both loved the facts about sharks. But some of the facts to me were a bit like umm what? For example a certain shark or two could possibly eat garbage. Now I am not saying this isn't true but I have never read something like this before in other shark books. Also the author would say the shark babies are called pups okay no problem that is true. But then would go back and forth with repeating pups and babies it just got too repetitive. 

I also thought the author could have added other pictures instead of just one per page. Even though you get a lot of detail on the different sharks there could have been a bit more pictures to entertain as well.

We did learn about new sharks that we have not heard of before. Also we both were impressed with how bit sharks could get makes you just want to stay out of the water.

Good for kids that enjoy reading about sharks and learning new facts.

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