Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review: Two at the Zoo by Danna Smith

Counting is always more fun when Grandpa helps! From one black bear to ten hairy warthogs, the young narrator and his grandpa count their way through a colorful and sometimes unusual zoo, encountering a wide assortment of friendly animals along the way. There are lions, zebras, and penguins, of course, but also chameleons and eagles . . . and even tarantulas! Playful, quirky illustrations put the loving relationship between the youthful grandfather and the grandson on proud display, while an upbeat, rhymed text full of sparkling verb sounds invites even the youngest readers and listeners to participate.

K picked this book up from his public library.

This is a perfect book to read to the younger kids on up. K is 8 and loved the book because it had animals from the zoo. It is easy to read for those that are learning to read or are at the stage 1 to 2 level reading books. The pictures are colorful and bright and go great with the story. Rhyming on every page, which makes it fun to read along with counting on many of each animal is at the zoo!

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