Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review: The Sunflower Sword (Andersen Press Picture Books) by Mark Sperring

In a land filled with fire and smoke and endless fighting, where knights fight dragons, there lives a little knight who wants to be big like the others, and fight like the others, and have a sword like the others. But his mother won't let him. Instead of a sword, she gives him a sunflower, which, as it turns out, can be mightier than a sword.

K picked this book up from our public library.

Me and K both enjoyed this story. It has knights and dragons and of course that always makes for a great read right! You have a little knight who doesn't have a sword but a Sunflower that if you used your imagination which I think is great to do it can be anything. In this case it is a sword! When the little knight meets a dragon he knows what to do with this sunflower sword but the dragon thinks otherwise! The young knight shows that you don't have to fight dragons but yet become friends by giving them sunflowers! The story was great to read at bedtime and the pictures were done wonderfully and went with the story being told 

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