Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Incredible Lizards (Exploring Our Incredible World) by Mark Smith

Animal books for kids can be one of the best ways to teach young children about the many creatures that call our planet home. In this fully illustrated picture book, best selling children's book author Mark Smith shows children what makes lizards so incredible.
Kids will learn what lizards eat, where lizards live and what makes lizards different from every other animal on our incredible planet. It is all about exploration and learning in a fun way.
Your children will love the full color photographs that spring to life on every model of the Kindle. Ten beautiful lizards are featured with facts, color photos and more. Children will consider themselves experts on lizards when they finish reading this fun filled lizard book for kids.

K loves animals and lizards are no exception. We loved reading about the different kind of lizards that are around today and the pictures that were in the book (there wasn't very many) were pretty cool to look at.

You learn a lot of facts about different lizards and you may learn something you didn't know before. If you enjoy reading about lizards than this book is one you may want to pick up. I believe there were 10 different kinds of lizards so you don't have to worry about this book being a long one filled with facts. 

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