Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: The Bully Goat Grim A Maynard Moose Tale Willy Claflin, James Stimson

In the wacky world of Maynard Moose, storyteller Willy Claflin brings us Bully Goat Grim, who has a case of "Random Hostility Syndrome." He meets his match in Baby Troll. Her heart is pure, her mind is sharp, and she knows how to handle a bully!

We received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

I have never read anything like this type of book to K before. This is the first I have heard of the Maynard Moose Tales . Me and K read this at bedtime and I found myself correcting the grammar that was within the story just because K is still at the age that he can pick that up and use that type of grammar.
Now we get a list of words before we start the story so we know what they mean and know what to expect. Some of the words I stumbled over and I am an adult. I can just imagine a kid that is reading could have trouble saying some of them. 
I liked how the baby troll used her head to think of a way to get the Bully Goat Grim to stop being a bully to the other animals, and the way she did it ended up with everyone not getting hurt but running Bully Goat Grim off. Only because he was no longer hurting anyone like he use to. 

After reading some of the reviews I see that this author does write his books in "Moose Speak" which I never knew of before. I think with this author I may wait to read his works to K, when K is a bit older to truly get the meaning of the book. Along with knowing that the way this author writes is not how you actually speak in the real world. 

The pictures were funny and we laughed as the father troll knocked himself out when he was coming up with a way to stop the Bully Goat Grim from walking on their bridge. 
I believe this book to be for the older kids rather than the younger kids. 

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