Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review: Lion Facts and Photos (Animals for Kids) by Roni Shwartz

Take your kids on a fascinating journey to the kingdom of the animals, and explore the life of the lion - King of the Savanna.

* Why do lion males have manes?
* What makes lions the Kings of all beasts?
* How do lions hunt?
* How long do they live?
* Do lions have enemies?

You will find answers to all these and many more questions in this informational picture book, together with beautiful photos of these majestic animals.

My name is Roni Shwartz, and I'm a travel consultant and writer who specializes in family travel. I spent more than 10 years in Africa, where I visited many of the world's most amazing parks and watched some of the world's most fascinating animals from close by...

In my new series of picture books for children, "Animals for kids", you and your kids will be able to learn a lot about the wild animals of our planet and appreciate how valuable they are for all of us...

Enjoy the reading!

Another great book by this author. He does a great job with a lot of fun facts about animals. With this book it is about Lions. You get to learn about who is their main enemy, what animal they do not like, how long they can live in the wild and in captivity. Me and K learned a lot of new things we did not know before. The pictures are great to have to go along with book. We enjoyed the ending were we learned how the lions are used in art and popular culture. 

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