Thursday, August 7, 2014

Topic of the Week!

How young do you think kids should be to read off an ereader?

Now, I do not have anything against ereaders and I think anything to get a child into books is a good thing. My son who just turned 8 knows about ereaders even though he uses them mostly for games. Can look for a book and have it read to him when he doesn't want momma to read. I of course just got my first ereader about 3 years ago and introduced him to it as it makes for great bedtime reading. I can turn off the light and just have the book light on which I think is perfect.
Me personally I think at least 6 to 7 years old.
That way they can grow up with actually books that they can hold!!
I want my youngest who is almost 2 to be able to hold a book, learn how to turn the pages and take great care of an actually book.
But with of course ebooks the books are cheaper for me to buy than spending almost $10.00 on a paperback or hardcover book. Because have you seen the prices of books now a days? I was just in Walmart and wanted to pick up a learning book for my daughter I think it was something to do with learning about animals which would be perfect for her and it was maybe 7 pages long. Oh my, it was $7.98 so with tax I would be spending almost $8.00 to $9.00 buck for a 7 page book.

Please leave ya'll's comments below! No bashing of course and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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