Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Kids First Book - Mammals to Know by Dwight Kuhn, David Kuhn, Brian Kuhn

English - Spanish Edition
This book is intended to provide visual and word identification of mammals every child should know.
Build a child's vocabulary and start to develop word and picture association with this animal book. English and Spanish words help children learn the animal names in both languages. Also in this series are books on birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles, other animals, and plants. This is a perfect book series for kids who love animals and nature!
We strive to make our books unique and we design them from the ground up. The Galloping Turtle books are created by educators and illustrated with photos from professional photographers.
Galloping Turtle's photographer, Dwight Kuhn, has published more than 167 children's books on nature and biology subjects. Many of his books have been awarding winning titles. Kuhn was one of ten photographers featured in the book: Wildlife Photography - The Art and Technique of Ten Masters.
For the price of a single cup of coffee and a pastry you can help educate and provide lasting entertainment for a beginning reader.

This is a book that I would say would be good for the younger children. K is 7 and loves animals but there was no facts in the book just the name of the animal in English followed by it being written in Spanish. Me and K had more fun just trying to pronounce the word in Spanish than looking at the pictures.

If you have a younger child I would say up to maybe age 5 that loves animals and you want to teach them how to say the animals name in Spanish than I would say get this book. It may be helpful to you. 

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