Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Tour Your Heart On The Heart Shuttle Express. A Children's Book About How The Heart Works by Maura Kempa

Board the Heart Shuttle Express to take an amazing tour of your heart; your heart is the most important muscle in your body! Check your tickets, you and your child will board at Gate 1-Superior Vena Cava Street or Gate 2-Inferior Vena Cava Street. These streets are the main highways into the heart.

While on the shuttle, Mr. Heart Power will explain how the heart works to provide you all you the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you need everyday to provide you with energy to do all your activities. The ride will be smooth provided there is no litter on the highways.

When the shuttle has completed its' trip you will be directed to the Happy Heart Cafe for a healthy snack. Here, you will learn how to keep your heart healthy. This book is targeted for children that are in the 4th grade or higher. Get on board, fasten your seat belts and enjoy your fascinating tour of the heart!

I didn't read the blurb of this book just saw that it was free and it had something to do with the heart which I figured K would love. Now after reading the blurb I see it says that this is targeted for 4th graders on up, I would agree with that. K is 7 and he seemed to enjoy learning about the heart but we both had trouble pronouncing some of the words. 

We both thought it was pretty cool how our heart works and moves the blood around our body. This is a great read for those that want to learn more about the heart, or just want a little bit of information. 

There are pictures but they are more of like a cartoon type pictures. I think a few of what a heart really looks like would have been cool to put in there so people can get a glimpse at what one really looks like. I actually had to show K online what one looked like so he would know. 

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