Friday, July 25, 2014

Review: No Way to Haircut Day! by Flo Barnett

No Way to Haircut Day!, a Top 20 Kindle Bestseller in the Children's ebook "humor" genre, a featured "Amazon Hot New Release" title for June, and the NUMBER 1 "Amazon Hot New Release" for July! Specially priced for a limited time

I have to say the title is just too cute for the book. Me and K did like how the boy did not want to get his haircut and fought it while even there. 

What I didn't agree with was holding the young boy down just to get a haircut. But that is just me maybe because when my son was 2 and got his first haircut he kicked and screamed but I didn't hold him down. Our barber was very patient and talked with him until he calmed down enough to not freak out. 

I did enjoy how at the end he liked his haircut and noticed that it wasn't all that bad, he was a handsome little boy under all that hair. 
This is a perfect book to read to those maybe getting this first haircut and you can read to them to show them that hey it isn't all bad and you even get a reward after all is said and done. 


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