Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Baby Owl's Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis


What if you found a baby owl in your back yard? Would you know what to do? Where would you go to find help? Join young Maddie and Max as they learn a valuable lesson from a little lost owl in Baby Owl's Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis. The brother and sister pair just wanted to play baseball one day. They never expected to come face-to-face with a wild animal! Lush illustrations by Laura Jacques accompany this story and demonstrate the proper treatment of wildlife. This story reminds all of us that we live in a world surrounded by wild animals, and those wild animals deserve our caution and our respect!

K picked this book up from his school library.
The pictures, the story all went together perfectly well. Two young kids find a baby owl in their backyard, and with the help from their mother the owl is put back into the tree. We learn a bit of a lesson that you should not touch an animal out in the wild. And that they are not pets. We learn the proper way to handle an injured or misplaced animal but only adults should do it. 
You also learn about Great Horned Owls. At the end of the story, you get fun facts, an Owl's Life Cycle and what you should do if you find an injured bird which I think is great for all to know. 

Overall a great story that both K and I enjoyed reading before bedtime. 

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