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Review: Petal the Owl - A Five-Book Compilation (Petal the Owl #1-5) by Joy Findlay

Title: Petal The Owl A five book compilation
Author: Joy Findlay
Publisher: Findlay Books
Published: Dec. 8, 2013
Genre: children's
Review: ebook

Petal the Owl is a nature loving owl. In this sweet little ebook series, Petal learns about her favourite season, Springtime; learns about the coldness of Winter; about how eating too many cherries gives her a tummy ache; about how many different colours are around her; and she learns how to count to ten. Now all together in one volume, Petal the Owl, A Five-Book Compilation is a must read for all Petal the Owl lovers. Ages 3-6.

I didn't read this to my 2 year old but I did end up reading this to my 8 year old. K really liked it, even the two books at the end that were about counting and colors.
You have an owl named Petal and she is the main owl in all the books. 
In Petal Loves Spring time we learn that Petal is different than other owls as she likes to stay awake during the day but sleep at night. This making the season Spring her favorite season as of the colorful changes that happen.
The second book is Petal's First Winter she learns how cold it is in this one and knows that after a day of flying and seeing what changes winter brings she can cuddle up next to her mother.
Book three Petal the Nature Owl Petal gets to see what Summer is about and she ends up eating too many berries which cause her to have a tummy ache and we all can relate to that at some point. 
Book four Petal the Owl Colors, we just learn about colors such as brown, green, red. This one I would say is good for the younger kids.
Last but not least is book five Petal the Owl Numbers. With this last book we got to count up to ten and yet again this one is great for the younger kids to learn how to count.

Overall the stories were really cute and I highly recommend them. I was surprised K liked this as much as he did I figured he would give me something about them being too much like a baby story but he wanted me to read them all at one time. The illustrations were very bright and colorful and I know that right there will for sure hold the children's interest. 

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