Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review: Books for kids : Did You Know My Mom Is Awesome? by Shelley Admont

Books for kids : Did You Know My Mom Is Awesome? (Beginner readers,Bedtime story,Kids Books, Children's Books) (Series Books -beginner readers) (Bedtime stories children's book collection) FREE video-book inside!
Every Mom is the most amazing person for her kids - she’s their heroine.
In this touching bedtime story, a little girl describes why her Mom is awesome. We see her going through her day, carrying the warmest feeling about her mother.
Mom always knows how she feels and can help with any problem. Mom can make the most complicated braid and explain fractions; Mom can help to wake her up in the morning and hug her tightly when she’s sad.
With adorable illustrations and a message to which everyone can relate, this is a perfect book for kids and their moms.

I picked this book up because a friend of mine on facebook was posting about it. I thought hey K might like this book and he can see how awesome moms really are. 
K totally didn't like it. He said it wasn't "cool" because it only showed a girl and he is a boy and why doesn't she have a son. I had to explain to him well this is how the author did the book to tell us a story. 
I thought the book was a decent read, I wouldn't say it is for beginner readers as there are a lot of words on the page. Though the words are not hard to say or sound out the beginner reader books only have a sentence or two on the page.

Now this book reminded me of K sometimes being as when we start off the book the mother wakes up the little girl and she wants to sleep just one more minute. This is my K, he always wants that one more minute of sleep. 
We follow the little girl and we learn what her mother does to be awesome to her and makes you think about all the cool things us moms do that we should be awesome as well.

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