Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review: Bug Books: Tarantula (Bug Books) by Monica A. Harris

Title: Tarantula
Author: Monica Harris
Published: May 14, 2004
Pages: 32
Review: library book
Key Stage 1 work on life processes should be related to pupils' knowledge of animals in the local environment. Children should understand that animals move, feed, grow, use their senses and reproduce; that living things can be grouped according to observable similarities and differences; and that there are different kinds of animals in the local environment. This look at tarantulas is one of a series focusing on familiar minibeasts. It covers size, appearance, birth and reproduction, growth, feeding, predators, life-span, movement, and different types. The book includes simple questions based on the information provided.

I am enjoying K picking out insect books. I am learning so much about the different types of bugs in the world. This time he picked up Tarantula's and I am not a big fan but I felt as though I learned a lot about them. The pictures are big and real looking and I can say that I love the blue looking tarantulas. They have a certain name and we got to see one in real life but I can not remember what they were called. Though they look very beautiful I know I will be keeping my distance.  Now I know at the beginning I said insect books but tarantulas are different they are arachnids as they have eight legs. 
With this book we learn a lot of cool and different things about this arachnids. We got to learn how they are born, how big they are, even how they grow. We also got to learn about what they eat and it is not small animals. 
If you want to learn a bit more about these arachnids then check out this book it is filled with a lot of cool things.

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