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Review: Into the Abyss By A.C. Lee

Title: Into The Abyss
Author: A.C. Lee
Published: Sept. 19, 2014
Pages: 12
Genre: Children's Age's 5-12
Review: ebook provided by author.

Four boys learn about the deep sea in class one day. Extremely interested in the lesson, they become determined to explore the oceanic abyss with their own eyes-up close and personal.

They work hard to make it happen and embark on a journey to the bottom of the sea where they see freaky, creepy creatures, and learn about fish, friendship, and other life lessons along the way.
About the Author:
A.C. Lee is a mother-son duo. Son—8 years old. Mom—well, we won’t say.

This book, Into the Abyss, came about one day when a certain sister went to a birthday party. While she was gone, a certain brother wanted to spend some quality time with his mom.

“What should we do together?” The mother asked.
“Let’s write a book!” The son said.
“Okay. What should it be about?”
“Deep sea creatures!”
The son had been studying deep sea creatures in school, and couldn’t seem to get the creepy, freaky, and somewhat eerie looking things out of his mind.

For the next several hours, they worked on a first draft. The mother processed it afterward, changing some words now and then, adding some story here and there, and cleaning things up a bit, and wall-ah! Into the Abyss was created.
We sincerely hope you like our story!

Special Note from Mom:
My son and I had so much fun creating this story. The entire experience—the laughter we shared, teamwork we engaged in, and bonding time we enjoyed—will be a memory that we can look back on with happy hearts for years to come.
Thank you so much for reading!

We received this book to give an honest review.
I read this book to K last night and he seemed to enjoy it. It dealt with the ocean and I knew he would be able to connect with the characters as they were in second grade like him.
Into the Abyss follows four young boys as they decide to build a submarine and find an abyss in the ocean. What intrigued them to do this is in school they were learning about an abyss and what it is. 
They have some very cool parents as they let them build a submarine and then take it into the ocean no questions asked. As they are traveling into the deep dark ocean they encounter different types of fish that live in the Abyss.
When their trip ends I thought it was neat that they put a note on the submarine saying "Free to use." 

The story is very simple, so it makes it easier for the kiddos to enjoy it I think a lot better. There are no pictures which K was kind of upset as he loves anything to do with animals. So for him not to get to see them he wanted me to look on the internet for him. Though there were no pictures he did enjoy how they went into the ocean. Afterwards we talked about him going on an adventure and he replied with a scenario  of if a vampire squid attacked his ship what would he do. This book brought out some discussions that was neat.

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