Thursday, April 23, 2015

Review: The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Challenging Job by Brooks Olbrys

Title: The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Challenging Job
Author: Brooks Olbrys
Published: April 14, 2015
Publisher: Children's Success Unlimited
Pages: 54
Genre: Children ages 6 on up
Review: Hardback provided by author and Bostick Communications to give an honest review

Join Blue Ocean Bob on his journey to protect all life in the Sea of Kerchoo
Blue Ocean Bob loves the sea and wants to dedicate his life to protecting it. He begins a new job as assistant to Mary Marine, the Island of Roses’s leading marine biologist, and with his hummingbird guardian, Xena, by his side, works hard to carry out his duties to the sea creatures both on and off the shore.
When the challenges mount, Bob seeks advice from Doc the turtle, Earl the clam, and Wallace the walrus, who each help him to develop the positive attitude he needs to succeed.
The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Challenging Job is the second installment in this colorful and inspiring early chapter book series that provides young readers with an introduction to timeless principles of achievement.

We received this book to give an honest review.
So when I saw this book I was like I know K will like this. It deals with the ocean and animals two of his favorite things. It also rhymes from the get go so that is something I know he enjoyed.
Then I saw it was a chapter book and I was thinking okay I am not sure he is going to enjoy this as much as I thought. I was wrong. I was only going to read one chapter a night so we could stretch the book out. Nope he insisted I read two chapters one night and then three the next night. So that is what we did. 
Bob is a young boy whose job is to safeguard the ocean. And he has different jobs within each chapter. In Chapter one he is to help Kodi a baby seal learn to eat and swim, he questions if he can even do anything as he doesn't scuba dive. With the help from Doc the turtle he gets an idea and it works. 
In chapter two he is off to clean up some garbage and when he does his net goes awry and lands on a pelican! How scary right the reason it landed on the pelican was because of Xena and Bob not just once person. Bob and Xena  go to see Earl the old clam who gives them a lesson on what happened. 
Chapter three there is a storm brewing and it is up to Bob to pass the message long to dolphins, whales and porpoises. Of course Bob doesn't know how to pass the message along until Doc the turtle gives him advice on what to do. We learn that dolphins use echo location to communicate. How cool right? In the end everyone works together to pass the message along.
Chapter four after the storm the weather was still a bit cloudy but Bob's day didn't seem to start off in better. You know how you have those days. He sees his friend Wallace the walrus who ask him why he has a sad face, which Bob explains how his day has gone. With the really good advice from Wallace we learn that you should count your blessings big or small and never give up, and think about things that make you feel grateful.
The last chapter in this book there is a stingray that is stuck and it is up to Bob to help free him. Bob is scared to go diving in the deep as he has never been before. But he doesn't give up and ends up turning to Earl who gives him advice on what to do. He ends up in the end deciding to help out the stingray which proved that Bob was the right person for the job.

I loved how this book was full of positivity and Bob was encouraged to do things even if he felt he couldn't, and he never gave up. I liked how the animals had advice and wisdom to give. The only character I didn't like is Xena it is like she didn't want Bob to do things which I didn't think was nice.
The illustrations are very well done and bright. They go wonderful with the story being told. 
K really enjoyed the book and learning lessons about things even if he didn't think he was.

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