Sunday, March 29, 2015

Review: What the No-Good Baby is Good For by Elise Broach

For any child with a "no-good" baby in their house, Broach offers up a completely unique solution to the new sibling problem. Full color.

This is a cute book about a young boy who is tired of his little sister and wants her to go away. Sounds like in my house with K and his sister A. The mother goes along with okay she can go, but she made him tell her about the good things of having his sister there. That is what I thought was a good thing to do. So for every negative thing the brother had to say there was also something positive. 
The only thing that was bothersome for me was the constant repeating of the no-good baby, though after a while it just kind of rolled off the tongue.

The illustrations are cute and this would be a good book for those that are expecting a new baby to come into the house to prepare for what could happen when you have a new little one. 
The behavior the no-good baby does isn't very good behavior so I wouldn't recommend this book to the younger kids as they may think this behavior is okay. 

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