Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Book Review: The Nectar of Friendship by Gramps Doodlebug


Title: The Nectar of Friendship
Author: Gramps Doodlebug
Published: Feb. 25, 2015
Pages: 20
Genre: Children's
Review: ebook

Cindy the butterfly is helping her friend Susie recuperate from a wing injury. When Cindy is deterred from taking nectar to her friend by another crisis, she must decide if she can help the moth and his friend, or keep the precious nectar intended for Susie. Will she still have time to get more nectar and make it to her friend if she also helps the other wounded friend?
What Cindy decides and comes to find out will both surprise and delight you in this charming story about friendship, charity and helpfulness. A perfect short bedtime story to read to your little ones!

K and I read this book before bed and he seemed to be interested in the story but I don't think it was quite up his alley. I loved the story and thought it was really cute. Cindy is on her way to help her friend but on the way a moth needs him with his friend who is stuck in a web. Cindy has to choose who to help first. Her friend Susie or the moth. As we see what path Cindy takes it all comes together in the end and we learn who the moth was trying to help in the first place. Which I thought was pretty neat. I thought it was neat that there was a subtle message within this story. The illustrations were decent and went right along with the story being told. 

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