Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: The Perfect Pumpkin Pie by Denys Cazet

When he was alive, Mr. Wilkerson was an ill-tempered, disagreeable, sour, and impatient old man. Once he died, he got better.
But not much.
Now he is back and very, very hungry.
When Jack and his grandma move into the old Wilkerson house, they find out just how hungry, and why.
At least they think they know. It has something to do with pie.
A perfect pie.

K picked this book up from his school library.

This is a weird but funny story about a man who dies and his wife buries him in the pumpkin patch. When a young boy and his grandmother move into the house and start baking pies Mr. Wilkerson comes back and wants one last perfect pumpkin pie before he dies. It is a rhyming book that is funny and will keep the little ones going oh my when will he just die and quite eating pie. The pictures could be considered creep especially Mr. Wilkerson but they weren't scary. Far from it. This is a great book to read whenever but maybe more so during Halloween!
K enjoyed reading it to me and kept going "oh why does he keep coming back?"

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