Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Children's Ebook: It's Time to Sleep ( A Gorgeous Illustrated Children's Picture Book for Ages 2 to 8) by Michael Yu

It's time to go to sleep, but Matty doesn't want to. If he were a wolf pup instead of a little boy, he would be out howling out the moon. If he were an alien, he could explore the planets beyond in his own spaceship. But, according to his daddy, everyone needs to sleep.
Follow along on this sweet bedtime story about a daddy getting his son to go to sleep.
Another quality children picture book from Fat Moon Books.
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I tried reading this to A before bed and she didn't seem into it. I read it to K last night and he seem to enjoy it. I always have a problem putting K to bed as he doesn't like to go. And so this book we see that a young boy named Matty isn't sleepy and so he uses his toys as what if he was this kind of animal or a robot he wouldn't need sleep. And each and every time his father gives him a reason as to even if he was a robot or a panda he would still need sleep. I think this is a perfect story for the young kids especially those that do not like to sleep. They can see that no matter what you still need to go to sleep in a fun way. 
I though the pictures were done wonderfully and catchy to the eye.
I do plan on reading this some more to my son and maybe one day A.

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