Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Daddylonglegs by Catherine Anderson

Did you know that a daddy longlegs is not a spider? How is a baby daddy longlegs like a little balloon? Are you brave enough to find out more about these interesting creatures? How are born? How do they grow, feed, move, and have babies? Where do they live and what do they look like? What makes them special?

K read this book to me and he did such a good job. I am not big on spiders as they are just creepy-crawlies, but this was a very good book. K and I both learned a lot about daddylonglegs, I honestly thought they were just like any other spiders but they are not. They do not make silk webs and this is what makes them different, how cool is that. Now I do know they do not bite humans but still a spider with eight long legs looks freaky. In this book I don't want to say the book is broken down into chapters but more like parts. We learn how they live, move, what other animals can attack them, their defense mechanism and so much more. The pictures are not scary looking but if you are not a fan of spiders I wouldn't look at the pictures. 
I have to say after K read this book to me daddylonglegs do not seem to be so scary.

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