Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: Have You Ever Heard a Screeching Cat? by Melvin H Harlan

What’s Arlynn’s secret weapon to stop his
What’s that Fraidy Cat Max really scared of,
his shadow, himself, or Arlynn’s furry red cap
with the especially long earflaps?

We received this book to give an honest review.

When I saw this book I though it would be funny. You have a cat named Max who is scared and makes a screeching noise I figured the boy Arlynn would try different and funny things to get him to stop. But it was far from that. 
Arlynn's cat Max is scared because of the new hat this owner is wearing and of course cats can't talk so he reacts by screeching and hissing which scares Arlynn. When Arlynn finds out what was the cause he ends up facing his fear of his cat Mac who is a fraidy cat. And screeches back. Now Max doesn't act like that.
I liked how this book gave the message of facing your fears, that even if you are scared of something face it head on and you will be okay. Great message for kids. 
The reason I am giving this book three stars is 1. K did not seem to enjoy the book like I thought he would. He never gave me a reason just said it was hm okay.
2. There was a part in the book that mentions his two dads. Now let me say I DO NOT have a problem with this. But I do wish that the author would have mentioned this when I requested this book. As my son who is at the age of catching things, seeing and reading  everything that he asked me why does he have two dads. I felt uncomfortable on how to talk to him about that, that I just kind of went on to find something else to talk about in the book. 

Overall a decent read that does have a message within the book for kids. 

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