Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Scott Peters' Secret Book Of Mummies: 101 Cool Mummy Facts by Scott Peters

101 Secret Mummy Facts, All In One Place!
~ Did you know that the average mummy weighs only 5 pounds?

~ Or that mummies have been used to calibrate CAT scanners to make them safe for humans?
~ Have you ever wondered what happened to Cleopatra's body?

~ Want to know the price of King Tut's casket?

It's all here and more. Everyone loves mummies. So crack open a copy of this easy-to-read, fascinating collection of facts.

CAUTION: You might find yourself impressing family, friends and unwitting bystanders with answers to the world's most burning mummy questions.

We received this book to give an honest review.

K didn't quite enjoy the book as much as I thought he would. You know he enjoys learning about different things but I think mummies is not something he enjoys. There is a lot of information in the book so this is not just a quick 10 minute read. it is about a 30 minute read and me and K took the book in parts since we were reading it before bed. I have to say I enjoyed the Truth or False section along with learning how they took out the organs. The curses is what really draws me in. Because we never know for sure if the curses are real? Or just something that happens. 
I am a mummy freak so learning more about mummies is just awesome to me. Reading this book brought back memories of when I was in school learning about Egypt and I just fell in love.  
Now there is just a few pictures not a lot, so this may be a better book for the kids that are okay without pictures. 

There is so many fun filled facts written in this book, I highly recommend it to those that want to learn a bit more about mummies and the past of them. 

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