Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: Blecch! Icky, sticky, gross stuff in your school: by Pam Rosenberg

Did you know that the germiest place in school is the drinking fountain? Or that if your class hamster doesn't continuously chew, its teeth would grow through its jaw? Discover these and other 'Blecch '-inducing facts in this cool book.

We picked this book up from our public library.
Talk about icky and gross stuff this book has it. I knew there were germs I didn't know that there were that many germs. I literally got the shivers and the gags when I was finished reading this book to K. I reminded K that he needed to make sure he washed his hands through out the day because of so many germs. I have to say though this book is very informative and is perfect for kids to read and understand all about germs around us especially in school where a majority of their time is spent. The book is split into different parts I want to say chapters but it doesn't say "Chapter 1 or chapter 2." It goes by titles. Such as Walking Down the Hallway, In the Classroom and so forth, the y are short pages to read but filled with so much information that is really just too awesome. Me and K will be reading more in this series as soon as we can find them. There are a very pictures on each page but they are not gross or icky they just kind of go with the picture. 

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