Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: Lolly and The Holly Berry Tree by Alicia Sprinkle

Lolly is a fairy princess and the best baker in all of Fairy Land.
One dreadful morning, a villain named Magellan
stomps into her bakery, and claims her Holly Berry Tree!
Lolly must devise a plan that forces Magellan to leave.
Will Lolly save her bakery?

We received this book to give an honest review.

So me and K read this at bedtime he wasn't too thrilled with my choice of a book. He thought it to be too girly. I thought the story was cute the pictures were beautiful. 
There is some rhyming that is written within the story so it is a bit catchy. You have a story about Lolly who is great at baking with Red Berries. But when the villain demands dessert, Lolly knows that he needs to learn a lesson. The lesson he learns is he shouldn't be mean or yell or shout. It is a good lesson to learn especially if you want something. You should just ask politely. 
Now K did like the Tiger-Cat at the end and decided he wanted one, had to break it heart and let him know there was no such thing lol.

Overall a good story that was fun to read but I would say this is more for little girls than boys. 

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