Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Get Well, Good Knight (Good Knight) by Shelley Moore Thomas

The much-heralded Good Knight is back-only this time his three little dragon friends are sick in bed. Their scaly foreheads are hot and their noses are drip-drip-dripping. They feel awful. The Good Knight comes to the rescue again! He brings them some slimy, grimy soup from the wizard to make them feel better. But the dragons wont touch it. What is a Good Knight to do?

We picked this book up from K's school library.
I have never read a Good Knight series. And I really enjoyed reading them to K. They are repetitive so that helps those that are reading. We Get Well, Good Knight we see the kind good knight help take care of his dragon buddies. K and I found it funny when the good knight went to see the wizard and he was adding not so good ingredients into a pot. We had a good laugh at what he was adding. This is a great read for those that I would say are level two readers. The pictures go great with the story being told. 

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