Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: Have you Seen George's Glasses? by Richard Huber

This book is targeted towards children between 3-6 years of age. The story line is about a Giraffe that has glasses on his head but just can’t find them! George’s little adventure takes him around the world and asks individual animals ‘HAVE YOU SEEN MY GLASSES?’ The animals are all too busy and answer ‘NO’. George finally asks his sister GRACE who is slightly taller than him: ‘HAVE YOU SEEN MY GLASSES’ and she replies ‘THEY’RE ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD SILLY!’. As a father with two girls Amelia and Daisy (8 and 5 years of age) I enjoy reading books to them. They appreciate simplicity and repetitiveness. These are the thoughts behind the book and I threw the kangaroo in because I’m Australian and moved to the UK in 2002.
We received this book to give an honest review.

Okay overall a decent and quick read. The illustrations were drawn it looks like by hand, very detailed and cute. My son's favorite part was the pig playing in the mud. And how George couldn't find his glasses even though they were right there in front of him.

I read this book to A and she enjoyed pointing out where his glasses were each and every time. I think this is one that we will be reading again.

I am giving this book a 4 being as it got a bit tiring to repeat on a constant basis. Such as "George ask the pig" then below the picture you are repeating "George asked the pig" I didn't think it was necessary to repeat that he is asking whatever animal at the time. But being as this book is geared toward an age that kids like repeating then this is a book for that.

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