Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: Gems by Holly Cefrey

The rare beauty of gems has fascinated people for thousands of years. Did you know ancient Egyptians used a gem to make eye shadow or that there are only 100 different gems on Earth? Young readers will learn about how different gems are formed and how they were used in ancient times and today.

We received this book from our public library.

My son's library class that he attends during the summer learned about gems and where they come from, what they are made from and other awesome facts about rocks and gems. My son decided to pick up this book and he kept looking at the pictures over and over again. There was a lot of fun information about the gems and what they looked like. My son's favorite page in there was where we read about animals getting trapped into sap and turning into amber. He never knew that could happen. He also loved learning how pearls are made and couldn't believe that it took seven years to make them. Gems was a really fun and easy read, if you are into learning about Gems and rocks then this is a book you may want to read.


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