Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review Rocks and Minerals by Dr. R.F. Symes and the staff of Natural History Museum, London

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DK's classic look at rocks and minerals, now reissued with a CD and wall chart.

We picked this up from our public library. I could not find anything on B&N or Goodreads, just on amazon.

This book was okay, it really did not keep my son's interest like he thought it would. He has just started learning about gems and rocks and where they come from. But for him I think this book had too many facts that he just really did not care as it was too much for him to process. With that being said it was really cool to learn where some of the rocks come from, how they were formed and how they are used in the present and past. The only part my son truly liked was the pigments that you can get from rocks, he didn't realize that is how colors were made back in the past. Overall really good to learn about rocks and minerals but not something my son enjoyed. So I am giving this book a 4 star rating.


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