Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: Robot Rampage by Scott Nickel

A robot built for the school science
fair goes haywire, and Jimmy comes
up with a plan to stop it.
Written in graphic-novel format

We picked this book up from our public library.
Loved this book and the illustrations.

You have a science fair going on and of course Buzz is hoping to get first place. When Elron's project ends up winning Buzz walks away saying his chance to win the science prize is crushed. With that being said Elron's robot goes on a rampage! Oh no what will happen? Will Elron and buzz actually be able to stop the robot before it starts wrecking the town? And who exactly is Elron? My son loved the fact that Elron was not who he seemed and ended up getting into trouble for building a robot in the first place.

This is our second read of a graphic novel and by this author and we loved it. Hope to read more by this author soon.

About this author:
Born in 1962 in Denver, Colorado, Scott Nickel works by day at Paws, inc., Jim Davis's famous Garfield studio, and he freelances by night. Burning the midnight oil, Scott has created hundreds of humorous greeting cards and written several children's books, short fiction for ""Boys' Life"" magazine, comic strips, and lots of really funny knock-knock jokes. He was raised in southern California, but in 1995 Scott moved to Indiana, where he currently lives with his wife, two sons, six cats, and several sea monkeys.

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