Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Don't Eat The Bluebonnets by Ellen Leventhal and Ellen Rotheberg

Sue Ellen, a sassy cow, loves to smell, lick and eat the bluebonnets although everyone warns her not to. "The bluebonnets will not come back next year if you eat them," Max the Longhorn tells her. When she can no longer stand the temptation of the tasty bluebonnets-having a mind of her own-she eats them all. The next spring the bluebonnets don't come back. Now Sue Ellen must solve the problem of getting the bluebonnets back in her favorite pasture.

K picked this book out from his school library.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. You follow a cow name Sue Ellen who wants to eat the bluebonnets so bad. She is very tempted too and gets told from her best friend not to eat them. Max the Longhorn has a sign and reminds them DO NOT EAT THE BLUEBONNETS! But does Sue Ellen listen of course not, it kind of reminded me of my son being as he does not like to listen.

Well when Sue Ellen doesn't listen guess what she has to pay for her actions. The bluebonnets do not grow back and now Sue Ellen misses them. She puts her mind to use and starts thinking of ways to bring the bluebonnets back. My son thought her painting pictures and putting them in the ground was funny being as they were not real flowers.

When I asked K what is favorite part was and he said the end, because she got them to come back.

I liked how there was a lesson to be learned in this book. You need to listen and not do something because your actions has consequences. But if you use your mind you can solve the problem you created.  Wonderful book for the older I would say ages 5 on up children.


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