Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Duck Princess by Zach Wilkinson

“The Duck Princess” is the wonderful story of a duck named Juniper, a monster and a bear wizard. Juniper faces a problem she thinks she can’t overcome but finds out the solution was within her the whole time.

We received this book to give an honest review.

We are giving this book a 4 star rating being as even though the story was good, my son wasn't as into as he hoped. I think he wanted more adventure in the story. He did like the part where the Duck Princess would quack being as that is how she communicated.

My son would have liked for the monster to like something like cars or playing hide and seek instead of the cross stitching  and Sudoku puzzles. He really did not even know what Sudoku was, and I am not familiar with it so I had to look it up online to let him know what it was.

You have a duck who is a princess and takes it upon herself to ask the great wizard for advice on how to stop the monster from destroying the village. Filled with drawn illustrations, I would say this is a read for those that like to read about princesses and what they can do to solve problems.

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