Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: The First Day of School by Margaret McNamara

First Day of School
It's almost the first day of first grade, and Michael can't wait. That is, until he discovers that his puppy, Cookie, can't join him. But when he learns that bringing Cookie means she wouldn't be just his anymore, he decides it's better if she stays home.

We picked this book up from our public library.
Very cute book and we loved the illustrations that were done by Mik Gordon.
You have this boy who has spent all summer with his dog, only to go to start school and find out he can not have his dog with him. When he gets told that the Cookie can belong to the whole school Michael didn't like that idea.
Yes he missed her but she was waiting on him when he got home which was really sweet. This book would be great for those starting school or even going back after having a fun summer. As we know that children will miss doing certain things or miss certain people or animals. It helps them understand that you will get to come home after school and see that animal or person.


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