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Review: Sunny The Snail- And a Colorful Crayons: Inspiring Children's Book about being creative by Karmen Sanda

25681922Title: Sunny The Snail and Colorful Crayons
Author: Karmen Sanda
Published: May 27, 2015
Publisher: Studio Sanda
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
Review: ebook
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Follow the adventures of Sunny the Snail
This is a wonderful children's book about a baby snail Sunny who wanted to be different and his
family who understood..
Sunny is the youngest and the smallest among his brothers and more than anything else he wants to be
different. And by being different he also helps his mommy and finds joy in his life by helping others.
What possibly can a little snail do to be different? Lean back and find out what Sunny does in this lovely picture book.

This was a cute snail book. Sunny has is one of 6 snail siblings who all look the same. Even their own mom can not tell them apart. Sunny observes a lot of things around him and so when he finds crayons he has an idea. A really good idea. My daughter though the snails were really pretty and wishes she found some like that. The pictures were very well done, especially when Sunny was drawing. They really stood out, though I would have liked to see what Sunny and his family looked like after his artwork. 
This is a good book that shows you should stand out and make yourself different!

Karmen Sanda
My name is Karmen Sanda. I spent my childhood in a village Kamnica, near the city of Maribor, in a small country called Slovenia.
My first tool for today’s successful career were crayons which I got for my first birthday. Since then the crayons were my everyday companion.
As a little girl I could spend hours and hours drawing and making up stories.
I have finished school of economics and graduated from textile design.
After ten years of a successful career in various professions I rediscovered my true passion and decided to return to the drawing board.
Now I am living my dream with my biggest admirers and critics - my husband and my three lovely children.
Together we enjoy beautifully illustrated books and additional creative gifts, such as coloring books and puzzles. We love to create: to draw and to make up fairy tales.

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