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Review: "Billy and the Ear Elves": by Ayala Saar

24936603Title: Billy and the Ear Elves
Author: Ayala Saar
Published: Feb. 12, 2015
Illustrator: Kathleen Sue Mallari
Pages: 38
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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Billy really loves eating ice cream! He likes it a little too much!

One afternoon he politely asked his mother for an ice cream scoop. He waited that his mom would say all right , but his mom told him to eat an apple instead!
Billy didn’t like her answer one bit. He was willing to do just about anything to get it.
He was so angry that he forgot all about having good manners and started to scream!

But Mom has a secret defense against tantrums: the magic Ear Elves.
What will Billy do about them?
What could possibly work better than a tantrum?

Read the book find out whether Billy had ice cream that he so likes. This colorful book is excellent as a bedtime story for early learners and beginner readers.

We received this book to give an honest review.

I read this book to K and he was like ehh okay. Now I sat and read this to A who is 4 and she really enjoyed it. Even looked into my ear and goes mom you have elves in there? It was really quite funny to see how much she was really paying attention and understanding from the story. 
Billy seems like a good kid and he asks the first time nicely for ice cream, but his mom says no after dinner you can have some. This makes him upset to the point he has a tantrum and we see his mom ignore him. Hey I give her props because I try to ignore mine when they have a fit which isn't very often and it doesn't work. Though I may use her idea of having the magic elves cover her ears with magical spells until he can behave. 
Billy learns an important lesson that he can not act rudely and I feel this book gives an important lesson to young kids.  I believe A learned a bit of a lesson as she mentioned to me "mom he is not being nice." 
The book has a nice little rhyme too it which makes it flow easy when reading. 

Ayala Saar
Ayala Saar is blessed with two children and has always had a love for literature and films.
Ayala is a certified personal and business coach. She also has an MBA-specializing in organizational management from Ono Academic College.
In the years since her studies Ayala has been working in management and in motivating people to fulfill themselves. In recent years she is also volunteers as a lecturer on professional and personal empowerment.
Ayala's books combine personal experience with an extensive knowledge she acquired over the years. They are aimed so that children will develop life skills, values and good manners.
Her books are fun and filled with humor and beautiful pictures so both children and adults will enjoy reading them over and over again.

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