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Review: The Alphabet Game - an interactive ABC Book for Kids. by Gita V. Reddy

29865783Title: The Alphabet Game
Author: Gita V. Reddy
Published: April 25, 2016
Pages: 39
Review: ebook provided by author
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The Alphabet Game combines technology with the traditional way of teaching. The child learns to recognize alphabets by looking for them in a word. Rather than repeating the alphabets in the same order, which can become monotonous, this book encourages the child to think, and to participate.
There's more. In addition to The Alphabet Game, you can create a few more games of your own.
However, this ebook can also be used as a regular alphabet reader.

We received this book to give an honest review. 
A really liked this book especially now that she knows her letters better. She had fun saying the letter and what animal that started with whatever letter. The really liked how when she clicked on a certain letter it brought her to a different letter, to which she responded "wow it changed."

If your child can not read then you can read o them and have them just click on the letter it tells you to. Each letter has a picture that goes with that and when you click on a letter within a word it will take you to a different letter.
For example, G is for giraffe. Did you enjoy yourself? Click on the letter J in enjoy and play on. When when you click on the letter j you end up at the letter and picture J, with another letter to click on. 
A had fun doing this though I would not recommend this book at bedtime. Overall a pretty good learning the alphabet book.

Which the author should make sure some of the words are spelled correctly. As the word giraffe was spelled as girrafe. 

Gita V. Reddy
Gita V.Reddy is a writer of fiction for middlegraders and adults. She enjoys thinking up tales of different genres. She has written mysteries, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and even an animal tale for children.
She wrote and illustrated her first picture book for kids in August, 2015. She plans to write a few more because the experience was very satisfying.
Ms Reddy was born in India, is a post graduate in Mathematics, worked in a bank for twenty-six years, is married to a physics professor, has a son doing research in neuro-electronics, and loves literature. Yes, her life is as mixed up as the multiple genres she writes.

She enjoys painting and spending time with her family, and LOVES walking in the rain.
She also writes under the name Heera Datta

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