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Review: Splat the Cat: The Name of the Game (Splat the Cat) by Rob Scotton

22922180Title: Splat the Cat: The Name of the Game
Author: Rob Scotton
Published: June 19, 2012
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 32(print)
Genre: Children ages 3 on up
Review: ebook
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Splat the Cat's friends Spike and Plank are coming over to play games. Splat is excited to play with them . . . until everything starts to go wrong! First he trips and falls in Mouse, Mouse, Cat—and then he can't find a good hiding spot in hide-and-seek. Readers will delight as Splat finds a way to have fun in the end.
The Name of the Game is a perfect story for kids just learning to read, with bright, vivid illustrations and an easy-to-follow text full of Splat's signature humor!

A and K really liked to have this book read to them via the option of "read to me."

A did not like how Splat's little sister said "so sad, too bad. You lost the game!" She was very upset that she would say something mean to her brother. Which lead to me explaining that sometimes things that are said is not nice and maybe she shouldn't have said that. What could she said instead.  
Splat and his friends are playing hide and seek and Splat wonders why he never wins. He decided he doesn't want to play with his friend anymore and will play by himself. Though he then realizes that playing by himself isn't all the fun. So he finds his friends and this time he finds a good place to hide. While reading this book Splat reminds me of K and how he acts when he doesn't win at something. I always have to remind him, it is a game and you are meant to have fun. As both kids enjoyed Splat the Cat I think we will be reading more.

Rob Scotton
Rob Scotton is the bestselling author and illustrator of "Russell the Sheep," and "Russell and the Lost Treasure." His latest book, "Splat the Cat" is the story of a young cat facing all the wonders and worries of his first day at cat school. Rob's work can also be found on greeting cards, ceramics, textiles, prints, stationery, and glassware. An honors graduate of Leicester Polytechnic, Rob now lives in Rutland, England, with his wife, Liz, who is also an artist.

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