Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Three Hungry Spiders and One Fat Fly! [With 3 Rubber Spiders] by Dawn Bentley

Three hungry spiders went out one day.
Three hungry spiders weren't out to play.
Those three hungry spiders
just wanted a meal!
And they know just what that might little fly. One little fly who's always just beyond the reach of their sticky webs and grasping spider limbs. One little fly who leads those spiders on a merry romp over gloppy pizza and through sugary donuts. Our little fly grows fatter and fatter...but will she become a meal?
Stre-e-etch those rubbery spiders and find out!

K received this book as a Christmas gift.

Love the story! You get a giggle at the attempts of the spiders trying to get to the fly! The rhyming goes perfect. K and I love to say the Spider fell into the Pizza Pie! It is just fun to say. Within the story it does say the Spiders would beg, borrow or steal to get to the fly but they really don't do that being spiders. Overall a fun silly read. One that we read at least a couple of times a month at bedtime. 

I would recommend this to young readers, as the illustrations will capture them into the story along with the rhyming. 

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