Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Reptiles by Bev Harvey

1. In this series, readers learn the distinguishing features of six major classes of animals. Each book contains many examples of animals, and short chapters provide more detailed information on a specific wild animal, domesticated pet, and endangered species from the group.2. Life cycle information is illustrated through a photographic diagram; the final page contains a diagram showing how the six classes in the series relate, as well as the distinguishing features of the group featured in the particular book.
3. Interiors feature photographs or simple diagrams on every page, plus an easy-to-read font that mimics the letterforms that early elementary students are taught to print. Increased spacing between words supports early readers' recognition of word units; in addition, increased spacing between lines helps new readers keep their place.

K picked this book up from school.

Full of a lot of information about reptiles. Where they live and don't live. What they eat. What kind of reptiles most keep as pets. The pictures are done beautiful to where you are not deterred from the book. I learned a bit more about reptiles that I did not know before. Also it is very easy to read and understand. 
K really enjoyed all the fun facts, and for the facts there were left out he was able to fill me in on it.

Great book for those that love to learn about reptiles, and great to have in the classroom just for reading.

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