Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: Copperheads by Joanne Mattern

Quick and slithery, snakes are fascinating examples of adaptation. Discover the bodies, homes, and life cycles of these reptiles through close-up photos. Get closer than you've ever been to snakes!

K picked this book up from his school library.

K is very much into all sorts of animals and right now he is loving snakes and can tell you all about what they eat, how they shed and what not. 

So when he picked up this book to read, he was in heaven. It is a perfect read for elementary students to learn great cool facts about copperheads. What they eat, their life cycle and so much more. The pictures are greatly done so you can enjoy looking at them while reading. 

Even if you do not like snakes you can learn a lot about Copperheads within this book.

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